Alexis Multispeciality Hospital Nagpur

The social insurance scene over the world is steadily evolving. Clinicians and scientists endeavor hard to build up the best administer to patients. At Alexis Multispeciality Hospital we trust it is our essential duty to stay aware of these progressions and make the advantages of social insurance advancement available to each and every human services searcher, immediately. With similar aims, we have appointed a mark demonstrate multidisciplinary 200 had relations with tertiary care clinic at the heartland of India, Nagpur to give end-to-end complete restorative care crosswise over different therapeutic facilties.

Alexis Multispeciality Hospital is an offering and activity of Zulekha Healthcare Group, UAE to help serve the whole focal India people group by giving the most noteworthy nature of medicinal care crosswise over different controls.

The Zulekha Healthcare Group discovered its underlying foundations in 1964 when its maker Dr. Zulekha Daud moved from her local India to Sharjah, UAE keeping in mind the end goal to seek after her fantasy of serving individuals in need and offer reasonable restorative offices to all.

 Alexis Multispeciality Hospital Nagpur
From a youthful therapeutic graduate to a rehearsing doctor serving patients from all kinds of different backgrounds, Dr. Zulekha soon turned into a commonly recognized name. Following quite a while of die hard devotion, Zulekha Hospital was built up in Sharjah in 1992. It begun off as a 30-bed healing center with fundamental offices for Gynecology, Obstetrics, Surgery, Medicine and Pediatrics.

Today the Zulekha Healthcare Group incorporates two multidisciplinary doctor's facilities in Dubai and Sharjah and also one indicative focus, three UAE medicinal focuses and three drug stores.

The Group has contributed lavishly as of late to set benchmarks in proceeding with medicinal training programs for the whole Gulf district with its predictable intuitive workshops and courses on different restorative and surgical themes.

Both offices are spent significant time in taking after key administrations: Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, ICU, Dialysis, Advanced radiology and Laboratory administrations, Minimal Invasive surgeries, Bariatric Surgeries, Joint Replacement Surgeries, state –of the workmanship particular working theaters.

Our Vision 

To flourish as the most favored medicinal services mark in the nation by giving exceptionally progressed, effortlessly available and genuinely reliable care.

Our Mission 

To band together with each social insurance searcher in their push to accomplish great wellbeing, by giving productive, master and sympathetic care.

Alexis Multispeciality Hospital - World Class Hospital
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Alexis Hospital Nagpur - Operation Theaters with Intentional Quality Standards

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